Raiding the Raiders (1945)

Raiding the Raiders (1945)
Article 5972 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-4-2021
Directed by Connie Rasinski
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Mighty Mouse cartoon

After the stork arrives, there are several new additions to a family of bunnies. Unfortunately, they become the target of a tribe of hungry vultures. Can Mighty Mouse save the day?

If Standard Issue Mighty Mouse Plot # 1 is has Mighty Mouse saving a bunch of mice from marauding cats of some sort, Standard Issue Mighty Mouse Plot # 2 is pretty much the same except it changes up the species of the oppressed (in this case, bunnies) and/or the species of the oppressor (in this case, vultures). As usual, Mighty Mouse doesn’t appear until the third act of the proceedings, and his defeat of the vultures is almost over before it begins (and for those who feel I’m engaging in spoilers here, did you really think the vultures would prevail?). This would make for another forgettable entry into the series, but the first half of the cartoon is genuinely amusing; I enjoyed the fact that the arrival of the stork (which you would think would be a relatively easy method of child delivery) still requires the presence of the doctor and the boiling of water, and I’m only surprised they didn’t have a scene of the prospective father pacing back and forth until he inadvertently digs a trench in the floor. At any rate, I give the cartoon an extra point or two for this bit, making it one of the better entries in the series.


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