Mighty Mouse and the Pirates (1945)

Mighty Mouse and the Pirates (1945)
Article 5962 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-12-2021
Directed by Mannie Davis and Connie Rasinski
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Mighty Mouse cartoon

A shipful of singing cat pirates are looking for female companionship and they’re willing to cross the species line to find them. Can a South Seas mouse maiden be rescued from a fate worst than death by Mighty Mouse?

Given their penchant for singing and synchronized swimming, I’m guessing these are cat pirates of the Penzancian variety, which means that even though neither Mighty Mouse nor the maiden engage in any of the warbling, we’re pretty close to one of the operetta-style Mighty Mouse cartoons here. They manage to vary the formula enough on this one that it increases the interest level, with Mighty Mouse engaging in a Tarzan yell at one point and the fact that the pirates are interested in… not just dinner, anyway. Actually, the maiden does a pretty decent job of defending herself against the lusty captain so that about the only thing Mighty Mouse really needs to do for her is to rescue her from being drowned; he fills in the time by making mincemeat of the pirate choral society. This is easily one of the better Mighty Mouse cartoons, and it even manages to net a laugh or two in the process.


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