A Present for Santa Claus (1947)

A Present for Santa Claus (1947)
Article 5967 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-18-2021
Director unknown
Cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: How to bribe Santa Claus

A pair of children looking forward to their Christmas bundle are told that Santa has had a hard time of it this year and may not be able to give them all they want. So they decide to give him a present…

… and, of course, they get all they want. It turns out that the way to Santa’s generosity is through his stomach, as some hot cocoa does the trick. I have this one on a collection of cartoons, but oddly enough, it’s not a cartoon. In fact, it looks like one of those films they would play at school when I was a youth (if you’re much younger than me, you probably don’t share that experience), no doubt because of the “Official Films” logo. Still, I do have a nagging question about a Christmas tradition I’ve seen in these old movies that my family didn’t have; was Santa expected to decorate the tree as well as give presents? Just asking…


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