The Night Before Christmas (1946)

The Night Before Christmas (1946)
Article 5945 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 2-20-2021
Director unknown
Cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: the poem brought to life

A narrator recites the poem “The Night Before Christmas”, and we see a reenactment of the events in the poem.

Here’s another short from Castle Films, and I suspect this may be a repackaging of a short from somewhere else, but I can’t say for sure. Despite the fact that I have this one on a cartoon collection, only about three scenes are animated; these are scenes of Santa flying through the air with his reindeer and of visions of sugarplums dancing in children’s heads. The rest is live-action. There’s not really much to say about this one; there’s really not much here to augment the poem and there are no surprises. It unfolds much like it probably plays in your head when you hear the poem. Nowadays, the verse about the pipe would be cut.


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