Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979)

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979)
Article 5938 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 2-10-2021
Directed by Joseph Pevney
Featuring Steven Keats, Jaime Lyn Bauer, Jayne Kennedy
Country: USA
What it is: As silly as it sounds

An airplane full of nuns and girls crashes on a island. Years later, another plane lands on the island and has to deal with the man-hating tribe of women left from the earlier crash as well as visiting headhunters.

Left to my own judgment I wouldn’t have reviewed this; as silly and far-fetched as it is, the only element I would consider even remotely genre is the presence of the headhunters for a touch of horror. But as it’s listed in the Lentz guide, I felt it necessary to give it its review. Seeing as it was made for TV, it’s also a little too well-mannered to go the exploitation route. Nor does it try for camp; this movie takes itself quite seriously. Nevertheless, the dialogue is silly and the story is ludicrous, and it’s not really all that different from similar movies from the past (such as QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE) without even that touch of fun that those movies had.


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