Mighty Mouse and the Magician (1948)

Mighty Mouse and the Magician (1948)
Article 5933 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-26-2021
Directed by Eddie Donnelly
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Mighty Mouse cartoon

A mouse magician is under attack by a cat, but uses his powers to hold his own against his foe. However, the cat gets a hold of the mouse’s magic wand and turns the tables. Can Mighty Mouse save the magician and his friends?

Most of the Mighty Mouse cartoons fall into one of a handful of patterns; this is a non-operetta one in which the first half sets up a cats vs. mice situation, and ends by Mighty Mouse showing up and setting things aright. Actually, the first half (when the magician mouse is besting the cats) is a lot more fun; once the magic wand comes into play, the story is routine, though it does have a bit of novelty in Mighty Mouse having to figure out how to do battle with invisible foes. Still, the solution to that problem is precisely what you suspect it might be. Overall, this one is a bit better than the usual Mighty Mouse cartoon.


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