Magic Christmas Tree (1964)

Magic Christmas Tree (1964)
Article 5922 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-18-2021
Directed by Richard C. Parish
Featuring Chris Kroesen, Valerie Hobbs, Dalene Lohnes
Country: USA
What it is: From the nether regions of kiddie matinee Christmas movies…

A boy does a favor for a witch and is granted a gift; a magic seed that grows into a magic Christmas tree and grants three wishes. Will it all turn out to be a dream? Will the boy learn a life lesson?

There must have been something about the sixties to inspire the cornucopia of truly atrocious low-budget Christmas movies that can be found therein. This one has references to Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as Christmas, features a cat and a turtle, has a bizarre mowing scene, has one of the most pathetic comic chase scenes ever committed to celluloid, features a giant named Greed who breaks the fourth wall, and mercifully lasts less than an hour. There was a time I considered SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS to be the nadir of Christmas movies. It’s probably not even in the bottom ten. I’ve uncovered enough them for a lifetime; dare there be more? Only time will tell…


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