Hypnotized (1952)

Hypnotized (1952)
Article 5880 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-1-2020
Directed by Mannie Davis
Featuring the voice of Tom Morrison
Country: USA
What it is: Terrytoon Tom and Jerry take

The cat that chases Little Roquefort the mouse learns hypnotism, and uses it to humiliate the mouse. Can Little Roquefort turn the tables?

Of course he can; in these cartoons, the mouse is the hero and generally prevails. During a scene where the mouse is hypnotized into thinking he’s a bird and attracting the attention of an amorous parrot, the cartoon also taps into the Pepe Le Pew genre a little, though that may not be an imitation so much as the fact that both cartoons tap into the French lover stereotype. Of course, this being a Terrytoon cartoon, the animation is less fluid (the characters move jerkier than those of any of the other studios), the timing and music are ordinary at best, and one senses that these are second-hand imitations. In my opinion, Terrytoon does better when their cartoons don’t feel like imitations of those from the other studios.


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