Hundra (1983)

Hundra (1983)
Article 5877 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-31-2020
Directed by Matt Cimber
Featuring Laurene Landon, Cihangir Gaffari, Maria Casal
Country: Spain / USA
What it is: Feminist Sword and Sorcery movie

The only survivor of an all-female tribe which was slaughtered by a gang of men vows vengeance on that gender… until she finds the man she can fall in love with.

This is fairly easy to categorize; it’s a feminist sword and sorcery movie. I’m no expert on feminism, and the term can mean vastly different things to different people, so I’ll not comment on that aspect of the movie other than to say that there is always a little satisfaction to be gained from seeing jerks get their bloody comeuppance. However, I do have some opinions on sword and sorcery I’ll share. The first is that I’m not a big fan of the form, since I’m not a big fan of brutal and savage violence. However, my interest level goes down even farther when I encounter sword and sorcery that is devoid of sorcery; without the magic, the form turns primarily into an action/adventure form that takes place in a semi-medieval setting. And that’s the case here; without the magic, we get mostly bloody mayhem; in fact, I’d pretty much had my fill of it even before the opening credits rolled, and I knew there was even more to come. The movie improves a bit during the second half when the title character actually does manage to find someone she can love, and the movie takes a left turn into a somewhat comic “can our barbarian learn manners” theme, but you know that’s just a respite; there’s more slaughter to come. All in all, I had very limited use for this one.


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