Holiday Highlights (1940)

Holiday Highlights (1940)
Article 5863 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-18-2020
Directed by Tex Avery
Featuring the voices of Tex Avery, Sara Berner, Mel Blanc
Country: USA
What it is: Blackout gag Looney Toon

A look is taken at the various holidays throughout the year.

Cartoons are rarely at their best in blackout-gag style cartoons, but they’re usually at least mildly entertaining. The appearance of a witch and Santa in their respective holidays adds the fantastic content to this one, though I should like to point out that their respective blackout gags are a little too similar. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure there’s an aesthetic limitation to the number of dog-and-tree gags you can have in a cartoon without it starting to feel like a lazy gag (one), and this one breaks that rule. Overall, this one is par for the course, neither much better or much worse than others of its type.

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