Good Morning, Eve! (1934)

Good Morning, Eve! (1934)
Article 5848 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-16-2020
Directed by Roy Mack
Featuring Leon Errol, June MacCloy, Vernon Dent
Country: USA
What it is: Musical comedy short

Adam and Eve take a walk through time.

Well, there’s Adam, Eve, a talking snake (such as it is), some cavemen, the Roman god Mercury, King Arthur and some time travel; at least it doesn’t stint on the fantastic content. Still, at heart it’s just basically a comedy musical short; at each period of history there’s a dance number. Given the raciness of some of the costumes, I’m guessing this is pre-code, but the color photography is truly stunning. It’s a moderately entertaining bit of fluff, but nothing more.


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