The Golden State (1948)

The Golden State (1948)
Article 5844 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-12-2020
Directed by Seymour Kneitl and Dave Tendlar
Featuring the voices of Charles Irving, Jack Mercer and Sid Raymonf
Country: USA
What it is: Screen Song

Enjoy some jokes about California, and then follow the bouncing ball for a round of “California, Here I Come”.

I wouldn’t say Famous Studio’s Screen Songs are necessarily awful, but I do consider them forgettable non-events in the history of animation. Like the other ones, it’s a series of blackout gags about its subject, followed by a “follow the bouncing ball” singalong. Here’s another one that squeaks by on the fantastic content list by having one of the gags involve dancing skeletons. Isn’t it nice we live in a world where we can fast forward to this scene and then skip the whole singalong? For dancing skeleton completists only.


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