Fantastic Dinosaurs of the Movies (1990)

Fantastic Dinosaurs of the Movies (1990)
Article 5820 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-29-2020
Directed by Sandy Oliveri
No cast (as such)
Country: USA / Canada
What it is: Mostly trailers

This is the movie that answers the baffling question – Can dinosaurs and dinosaur-like creatures be found in movie trailers?

I was amazed and a bit baffled to find that this video has a 7.7 rating on IMDB, but then I have to remind myself that presentations like this are probably rated only by people who are big fans of the subject matter anyway. After all, they’re the ones most inclined to like it. And, to be truthful, I’m that kind of person and I do like it. It’s just that I feel the video would have to be pretty outstanding to set it above other videos of its ilk, but it doesn’t; it’s just a collection of movie trailers featuring dinosaurs and other creatures that are vaguely dinosaur-ish. It’s fun enough, but it isn’t revelatory in any way.


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