Eliza on Ice (1944)

Eliza on Ice (1944)
aka ‘Eliza on the Ice’
Article 5808 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-11-2020
Directed by Connie Rasinski
Featuring the voice of Tom Morrison
Country: USA
What it is: pretty ironic

The chase scene in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is performed as a sporting event. Will Mighty Mouse prevent Simon Legree from prevailing?

Given how many ordinary, uninspired and just plain dull Mighty Mouse cartoons there are, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people wonder where the imagination and creativity (which should be there) have gone to. I think I found the answer; it went here. It is one of the most energetic, funniest, and fastest-moving of the Mighty Mouse series, and it has an absurdist Tex Avery feel to it as well. It might be considered one of the best of the Mighty Mouse cartoons if it didn’t have a major problem; it is so full of offensive racial stereotypes that it will probably languish in obscurity. It certainly won’t be popping up on TV any time soon.


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