Diplodocus at Large (1953)

Diplodocus at Large (1953)
Article 5797 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-22-2020
Director uncredited (but probably Donald F. Glut)
Cast uncredited (but probably Donalf F. Glut and friends)
Country: USA
What it is: Amateur dinosaur invasion

A diplodocus runs rampant through a small town. How many people will point at it as it destroys everything in sight?

I don’t know if this is Donald F. Glut’s first amateur film, but it’s the first one in the DVD set of his amateur work. The special effects include a town built of toys and a sock puppet. The actors and actress have trouble not being cognizant that they’re being filmed (they keep looking at the camera), but they’re pre-teens, so what do you expect? There’s no story; the dinosaur shows up and ravages the town, and the movie ends. It only has a rating of 3.3 on IMDB, but ratings don’t really mean anything when you’re dealing with amateur films. Take it as someone’s early foray into the films of the fantastic and it is nothing less than delightful and hilarious. It makes you want to try it yourself and see if you can do any better.


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