CreepTales (2004)

CreepTales (2004)
Article 5779 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-28-2020
Directed by several people
Featuring Jess Sherman, Michael Minton, Tim Choate
Country: USA
What it is: Horror anthology

Two hunchbacks try to find a video tape for their party. When they find the video store closed, they dig up the grave of Uncle Munger and take the video he was buried with, CREEPTALES. Will they enjoy it? Will Uncle Munger want it back?

Apparently, the various individual stories in this anthology were purchased from others rather than having been made exclusively for this movie. This is probably why any one of the individual stories is superior to the wraparound, which is a loud, incoherent mess. There’s a story about a mad aunt (this story also appears in another anthology, TALES FROM THE UNKNOWN), a purse-snatcher, a kid frightened by what’s in his closet, a group of men hunting a werewolf, visitors to a creepy town, and a woman who cleans up her life with a strange vacuum cleaner. The stories about the purse-snatcher and the vacuum cleaner were my favorites; the rest I found rather tiresome. I found this one on one of a set of DVD anthologies put out by Brentwood a couple of decades ago; each one had ten movies on five double-sided discs, and featured really ugly artwork on the front cover. Overall, this one is pretty forgettable, but it might be better if you fast-forward through the wraparound.


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