Bubbles (1930)

Bubbles (1930)
Article 5751 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-26-2020
Directed by Roy Mack
Featuring the Vitaphone Kiddies, Judy Garland, Mary Jane Gumm
Country: USA
What it is: Not the main attraction

A woman sings about bubbles, and then children in costume sing and dance in a cavern presided over by the moon.

There’s really nothing in the plot to make this qualify as fantastic, but, since it’s part of a series of musical shorts made by Warner Brothers in the thirties, there really isn’t any plot at all. Rather, it’s just a set of musical pieces, and it’s being reviewed here because, after the initial song, it takes place in a cavern where the moon presides, and we see performances from comets, moonbeams, stars, and the planet Venus, or so says the moon. If it is the moon, that is – it could be the sun, but they never say which and the fact that he’s smoking a cigar doesn’t help clarify. If dancing and singing children trip your whimsy meter, this one’s for you; as for me, I’m glad it’s only eight minutes long, but I will confess I’m impressed with the athleticism of some of the performers. And, no, I wasn’t able to spot Judy, here performing with her sisters.


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