Brain Twisters (1991)

Brain Twisters (1991)
Article 5749 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-23-2020
Directed by Jerry Sangiuliano
Featuring Farrah Forke, Terry Londeree, Joe Lambardo
Country: USA
What it is: Brain snoozers is more like it

A college scientist is testing video game graphics on his students for a corporation. However, the students begin going crazy and becoming homicidal…

Ever since they became popular, video games have been blamed for a number of ills; in particular, they can serve as a scapegoat for violent behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised if this concept is what inspired this movie. The story is fairly obvious, but that’s not what’s the real problem here. It’s that once it has established its central situation, there’s nothing to do but wait until the movie gets around to resolving the situation, and what follows is a tedious slog through tiresome incident involving uninteresting characters with no real surprises to pep things up. It’s one of those movies I suspect I will completely forget about after a couple of days have passed. However, it gets a point for having one amusing laugh line about olive oil. It’s rather sad when the high point of a movie is a single joke.

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