Be Patient, Patient (1944)

Be Patient, Patient (1944)
Article 5735 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-5-2020
Directed by Bob Wickersham
Featuring the voice of Frank Graham
Country: USA
What it is: Columbia cartoon

Fox orders a banquet delivered to his mansion. Crow decides he can get the banquet for himself if he convinces Fox that he’s sick.

I’ve seen several cartoons that end with a character appearing as an angel in the final moments, and usually this isn’t enough for me to classify it as fantastic. This one has a whole sequence in which Crow convinces Fox that he is dead and an angel in heaven, and the fact that this is actually part of the plot rather than a single gag, I decided that gave me enough fantastic content to cover it, even if the content is faked. I’ve never heard of Fox and Crow as a cartoon series, but it appears to be one of the better ones to come from Columbia; I thought the premise was rather amusing, and the cartoon makes some fun use of it. It’s no classic, but it’s definitely one of the better cartoons I found from Columbia in this era.

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