Asesinos de otros mundos (1973)

Asesinos de otros mundos (1973)
aka Santo versus the Killers from Other Worlds
Article 5726 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-21-2020
Directed by Ruben Galindo
Featuring Santo, Juan Gallardo, Sasha Montenegro
Country: Mexico
What it is: Santo vs the Blob

Santo battles gangsters, evil scientists, and a killer blob.

The minute I saw the primary monster in this one was a blob, I asked myself how Santo was going to wrestle such an unanthropomorphic beast in the final reel. Actually, the solution to that would have been very simple; he could have pulled the tarpaulin off and revealed a bunch of very anthropomorphic extras. This is just my way of saying that the blob special effects in this one are some of the most bargain basement ever, and those who like goofy monsters will have plenty to laugh at here. On a side note, this movie is singularly short of two common items found in Santo movies; there are no extraneous wrestling scenes, and no nightclub sequences. There is a sequence where Santo has to do battle with a couple of guys armed like gladiators (followed by a guy armed with a flamethrower). No, I couldn’t follow the plot subtleties (if there were any) since there were no English subtitles to help me out, but that’s hardly the first time I’ve had that problem with a Santo movie. I just can’t believe I’ve had this one sitting around in my collection unwatched until now.


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