The Adventures of Sam Space (1955)

The Adventures of Sam Space (1955)
Article 5719 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 2-29-2020
Directed by Paul Sprunck
Featuring the voice of Paul Frees
Country: USA
What it is: 3-D Space Opera with puppets

A scientist take two children on a space voyage to battle an evil space island.

I hoped it looked good in 3-D; as far as the story goes, it’s pretty lame, and is largely played for laughs. It’s done in puppet animation, and at least one character bears a certain resemblance to the child in DAVEY AND GOLIATH (a Sunday morning Christian TV show I’m certain many of you remember). It all takes place in that futuristic year 2001, and there are spaceships and flying saucers and robots. It’s mildly entertaining hokum, but not very good and not very memorable.


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