Appetit d’oiseau (1964)

Appetit d’oiseau (1964)
aka Appetite of a Bird
Article 5724 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-20-2020
Directed by Peter Foldes
Cast unknown
Country: France
What it is: Animated allegory on the battle of the sexes

An animated exploration of the battle for dominance between the sexes eventually presents itself as a confrontation between a lion and a bird.

Though I’ve seen a lot of animated shorts lately that I would call cartoons, I wouldn’t use that word to define this animated (with short non-animated segments) exploration of sexual dominance. Though it eventually settles on its allegorical symbols being a lion and a bird, it has a stream-of-consciousness feel of an Emile Cohl cartoon matured and minus the innocence. It’s overtly sexual, which is very appropriate in this case. I found it nightmarishly fascinating, though I can fully understand many people being put off by this one; its rating of 5.6 on IMDB certainly indicates that there’s not a lot of love for this one. Nevertheless, I found this to be definitely worth a viewing.


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