Georges Melies: Cinema Magician (1978)

Georges Melies: Cinema Magician (1978)
Article 5714 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 2-15-2020
Directed by Luciano Martinengo and Patrick Montgomery
Featuring Georges Melies
Country: USA
What it is: Biography

Georges Melies tells the story of his own life in cinema.

This short biopic on the life of Georges Melies is presented as Melies telling us his own life story; I’m assuming an actor supplied the voice, but I saw no credit for one. It is an entertaining way to tell the story, but, at only 21 minutes it can only tell so much, and even then, the lion’s share of the short consists of clips of his films, often running without commentary. Nevertheless, the clips chosen are fun, and at least the movie doesn’t spend its whole length lingering on A TRIP TO THE MOON, so it finds plenty of room to explore Melies’s other movies. Those looking for a more in-depth story of the man will be disappointed, but as an entertaining overview, it has its uses.

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