Return of the Monster Maker (1958)

Return of the Monster Maker (1958)
Article 5706 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-19-2020
Directed by Donald F. Glut
Featuring Donald F. Glut, Charles Martinka, Wayne Moretti
Country: USA
What it is: A labor of love

Dr. Frankenstein creates a new monster. It goes berserk.

I have a certain amount of trepidation in reviewing an amateur film made by a teenager; it certainly can’t and shouldn’t be compared to professional product. Nor was it ever intended for the general public; it was a labor of love made by a kid who loved the movies and loved the classic monsters. If I’d had access to a movie camera in my youth, I might have tried the same thing myself. Watching something like this helps me recapture that sense of wonder I had about those classic movies, and it feels good to rekindle that feeling and remember that it was and is shared by millions of us. Still, the coolest thing about this amateur short is the excellent Frankenstein monster mask worn by one of the actors. It may be an amateur film, but it warms me in a way that very few professional films can.


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