Huey’s Ducky Daddy (1953)

Huey’s Ducky Daddy (1953)
Article 5704 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-13-2020
Directed by Izzy Sparber and Dave Tendlar
Featuring the voices of Mae Questel and Sid Raymond
Country: USA
What it is: Oversized animated baby antics

Baby Huey’s daddy is forced to take his son fishing. Disaster ensues.

By my usual rules of cartoon fantastic content, I might not have covered this one (since most of the fantastic content falls under the categories of talking animals and comic exaggeration, which are animation traditions rather than real fantastic content), but since the Walt Lee guide mentions this one, I’ll cover it. Baby Huey certainly exhibits super strength a few times in this one, and the presence of a shark at one point gives us a bit of horror as well. As a cartoon, it’s mostly pretty so-so, but the occasional gag works all right; my favorite is finding out how a lighthouse works. At any rate, it’s fun to finally have gotten around to writing another review after a long gap.


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