El hombre y el bestia (1973)

El hombre y la bestia (1973)
Article 5696 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-17-2019
Directed by Julian Soler
Featuring Enrique Lizalde, Sasha Montenegro, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma
Country: Mexico
What it is: Jekyll and Hyde all over again

A doctor develops a concoction that brings out his evil side.

I picked up this movie years ago thinking it would turn out to be the 1951 movie of the same name, which was then on my hunt list, but I saw my mistake. It sat around until I encountered it going through my collection. My copy is in Spanish with no English subtitles, but given that it’s based on the very familiar Jekyll and Hyde story, it’s not that difficult to sort out. However, even though it doesn’t appear to be religiously following any of the earlier versions I’ve seen, unless there’s something really interesting happening in the dialogue I can’t understand, it doesn’t appear to be a particularly interesting version. The most interesting touch to my eyes is a moment where the Hyde character tries to force a woman to drink the potion. All in all, this isn’t one of the better takes on the story.


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