The Dancing Pig (1907)

The Dancing Pig (1907)
aka Le cochon danseur
Article 5650 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-14-2019
Director unknown
Cast unknown
Country: France
What it is: What a ham!

A pig in formal dress makes a pass at a dancing girl and is stripped bare. He dances… and dances… and dances.

Among other categories, IMDB classifies this one as horror, which should be taken as a joke. It’s not that there’s any horror content; it’s just that many people find the pig creepy and the stuff of nightmares. Of course, it’s just someone in an elaborate pig costume, but every time it sticks its tongue out of its mouth, you may want to run for the hills. It’s based on an old vaudeville routine, and if you want to see someone dancing in a giant pig costume, this is your best bet. Still, I can’t ever recall having wanted to be subjected to visions of this sort, and, as they say, you can’t unsee it.


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