Przygoda w paski (1960)

Przygoda w paski (1960)
aka An Adventure in Stripes
Article 5625 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-22-2019
Directed by Alina Maliszewska
No cast
Country: Poland
What it is: Animated short

A lonely female striped elephant is rejected by the herd of white elephants she follows. Meanwhile, a lonely male striped elephant is rejected by the herd of black elephants he follows. What will happen when these two striped elephants meet?

I think most anyone could make a guess as to what would happen when these two elephants meet, so I can’t exactly say that unpredictability plays a big role in this animated short. Fortunately, it’s the character touches that lift this one up. The hunger of two elephants for love and their affinity for dealing with children (elephants) in a positive way make you feel their yearning for love and companionship. And there is at least one plot point that isn’t easily predictable. I’m not sure if this is the first Polish animated short I’ve encountered for this series, but I found this one fairly entertaining and likable.


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