The Adventure (1972)

The Adventure (1972)
aka Kuang feng sha, The Iron Fist Adventure
Article 5623 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-21-2019
Directed by Su Li
Featuring Jimmy Wang Yu, Paul Chang Chung, Yeh Tien
Country: Taiwan
What it is: Martial Arts Action Adventure

A captain of the 6th Union Brotherhood vows revenge for a massacre in which his former captain was killed. He finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy for possession of Manka House.

Sometimes cultural differences make it a bit difficult for me to say whether a movie I see has authentic fantastic content. This one is listed in the Walt Lee guide as having “mystic martial arts”, but personally, I didn’t find any overt mysticism in the martial arts on display here. I do wonder if the action takes place in some sort of fantasy world; despite the fact that most of the movie seems to take place in a period setting of some sort, the guns in use look surprisingly modern, and seem out of place. The plot is a bit confusing, but it’s one of those movies that seem primarily to exist for its action set pieces, and those are passable if not inspired. Still, the movie’s English title deserves an award for the most generically titled movie I’ve covered for this series since THE SHOW.


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