Nursery Scandal (1932)

Nursery Scandal (1932)
Article 5617 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-30-2018
Directed by Harry Bailey and John Foster
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Another Van Beuren cartoon

When elves find a book of nursery rhymes, Mother Goose emerges and has an affair with a scarecrow, much to the consternation of her goose.

This should end the run of cartoons for a bit, as it was the last one on the DVD I was watching. This is Van Beuren at its least interesting; despite an initial premise that makes you think it might go somewhere storywise, about all that really happens here as that fairy tale characters come out of a book and sing and dance. You’d think they would at least grab some low-hanging comic fruit when Humpty Dumpty starts to dance (what gag would YOU have happen here?), but no, he just dances and nothing happens. About the closest thing to a good gag here is having the characters jump and hover during a long gap in the music, and that’s pretty far from being a good gag. This is one of those cartoons that’s no meat, all filler.


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