There’s Good Boos To-Night (1948)

There’s Good Boos To-Night (1948)
Article 5614 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-28-2018
Directed by Izzy Sparber
Featuring the voices of Frank Gallop, Jack Mercer, Sid Raymond
Country: USA
What is it: Casper again

Casper decides to recycle THE FRIENDLY GHOST.

This is only the second Casper cartoon I’ve covered, and I’m already ready to summarize the basic Casper plot. It’s night, and the other ghosts have gone out to scare people, but Casper wants to make friends rather than scare. His first encounters only result in frightening his targets, and just as he’s about to lose all hope, he encounters someone who isn’t afraid of him. Then, tragedy strikes, and Casper is in danger of losing his newfound friend, but fate steps in and every one lives happily ever after, until the next Casper cartoon and he has to go through it all again. Now that you know that, you don’t have to see another one of these. Well, I’ll throw in two observations. One: given the way this one ends, why didn’t Casper befriend a pre-existing animal ghost in the first place?, and Two: what happened to these earlier friends Casper made? Where are they? Why did they mysteriously vanish? Could they have come to some horrible end? Could Casper have been the one responsible? Could Casper really be a… ahh, nah, I doubt it, but I will admit I had more fun speculating on this than I did watching the cartoon.

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