The Iron Super Man (1974)

The Iron Super Man (1974)
aka Tie chao ren
Article 5579 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-24-2018
Directed by Ting Hung Kuo, Koichi Takano
Featuring Lin Lin Li, Paul Chun, Stephan Yip
Country: Japan / Hong Kong
What it is: Pretty goofy

A crack team of fighters takes on a fleet of giant killer robots that have been terrorizing the Bermuda Triangle.

So what is this freaky little movie with a title that conjures images of two different superheroes that I found on Amazon Prime? Why, it’s the perfect companion piece to INFRAMAN. Sure, it falls short of the same level of accelerated goofiness of that movie, but in its own way, it comes pretty close. We have lots of giant robot action, a villain with the most elaborate hair style in history, and a sidekick who comes to the rescue in a bicycle-driven balloon. It’s cobbled together from episodes of a TV series, and it looks it. Yes, it’s stupid, but it’s the kind of stupid I’m a bit of a sucker for.


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