The Stone Age (1922)

The Stone Age (1922)
aka Felix in the Bone Age, Felix in the Stone Age
Article 5469 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-4-2017
Directed by Otto Messmer
No cast
Country: USA
What it is: Felix the Cat cartoon

A prehistoric Felix the Cat has to tussle with a caveman who wants to make his hide a gift for his girlfriend, and then he deals with an enraged monster gorilla.

I’ve decided to only include cartoons if they have some element of the fantastic beyond the two cartoon conventions – anthropomorphic animals and comic exaggeration. In this case, the cartoon takes place in prehistoric times. However, as far as I know I can’t say the cartoon makes much use of the concept, but then, I’m not sure the cartoon I saw is complete; it ends without resolution in the middle of the actions with the gorilla. As a Felix the Cat cartoon, it’s also a bit of a disappointment; we get only one Felix “twisting of reality” gag, but if the cartoon wasn’t complete, there may have been others. Who knows – maybe a dinosaur could have popped up in the missing footage as well. At any rate, as it is it’s not a shining example of Felix at his best.


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