The Monster of Camp Sunshine (1964)

The Monster of Camp Sunshine (1964)
Article 5463 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-28-2017
Directed by Ferenc Leroget
Featuring Harrison Pebbles, Deborah Spray, Sally Parfait
Country: USA
What it is: Bizarre nudie flick

Residents at a nudist camp are terrorized by a mentally challenged caretaker who becomes homicidal after drinking water polluted by chemicals.

I’ve been going through my entire DVD collection and watching everything, and occasionally I stumble across an item that qualifies as genre but never appeared on my hunt list. I’m choosing to review these. This black and white nudist film appeared on the same disc as THE BEAST THAT KILLED WOMEN, and for what it’s worth, I prefer this one. Not that this one is better made than the other movie; it’s just that while TBTKW knows just what it is (a nudist film in which the plot is inconsequential) and achieves its goal, it’s dull as dishwater, whereas this one doesn’t seem to know what it is and goes all over the board; its wild inconsistency makes it more entertaining. It starts out as a drama about two female friends, one who is trying to make the other one feel less self-conscious about her body by inviting her to a nudist camp, turns into a horror movie as the nurse is attacked by killer rats, finally turns into a full-blown nudie in the second half, and takes a turn back into horror before turning into a mind-blowing surreal comedy when the entire army is called out to do battle with a monster (an ugly dumpy guy with an axe) through the miracle of stock footage. This final sequence is one of the most jaw dropping cinematic sequences I’ve ever encountered. This seems to be the only movie made by writer/director Ferenc Leroget, but I heavily suspect this is a nom de plume; in fact, it looks like an anagram of something. At any rate, it’s a lot more unpredictable than its companion feature.


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