I’ll See You in Hell (1960)

aka Ti aspettero all’inferno
Article 5408 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-29-2017
Directed by Piero Regnoli
Featuring John Drew Barrymore, Eva Bartok, Antonio Pierfederici
Country: Italy
What it is: Crime movie, and maybe something else…

When a jewel heist results in the death of a night watchman, the three thieves take it on the lam. On their way to a hideout, one of them falls into quicksand and is not saved by the other two. Will the dead man strike back from the grave?

Could this heist movie turn out to be an actual “revenge from beyond the grave” horror movie as well? Or could it be that someone found a new way to doctor DIABOLIQUE once again? I’m not going to say which is true, but you may want to bear in mind there are other possibilities, and though I will credit the movie for keeping me guessing in this respect, I don’t think the movie necessarily chose the most interesting of its options. The movie works all right part of the time; at other times, it feels unfocused and distracted, partly due to the fact that the plot is a bit on the thin side when you look at it as a whole, and seems padded to fill the running time. Also, I don’t feel the John Drew Barrymore character really comes across as convincing, but that may be that the movie doesn’t really achieve the intimacy with the character that it needs to do so. All in all, it’s interesting, but it’s a mixed bag.


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