One Dark Night (1982)

Article 5404 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-25-2017
Directed by Tom Mcloughlin
Featuring Meg Tilly, Melissa Newman, Robin Evans
Country: USA
What it is: Scares in a mausoleum

A girl seeking to join a club called “The Sisters” undergoes an initiation rite where she must spend the night alone in a mausoleum. She is unaware that it is the new resting place for a strange psychic vampire who may not be quite dead…

After the antics of the flesh-eating zombies in the last film I saw, it’s rather hard to get many shivers from the zombies in this one, whose primary feats of horror are to look gross and invade your personal space. Of course, they’re not the primary horror attraction here when you have a psychic vampire who shoots blue lightning out of his eyes. And, if you watch this movie in its entirety, you’ll get a chance to meet these creatures, but be prepared for a long slog; this is one of those movies that is eighty percent buildup for a not-quite-satisfying twenty percent delivery of the goods. It’s also one of those movies where the special guest star (Adam West) plays the least important person in the story. This one could prove to be an adequate time-killer on a slow night, but I doubt you’ll remember much about it in a few days… except, perhaps, that a toothbrush plays the part of the most annoying personal prop in the movie.


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