Some More of Samoa (1941)

Article 5329 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-25-2016
Directed by Del Lord
Featuring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard
Country: USA
What it is: Three Stooges short

Three idiotic tree surgeons are called in to cure an ailing rare puckerless persimmon tree. They find themselves sent to the distant jungle country of Rhum-Boogie to find a mate for the tree.

This is one of those shorts where the Stooges are firing on all cylinders. The first half focuses on their work on the tree, while the second half has them in the jungle and dealing with cannibals. The cannibals were the most predictable fantastic content in the movie, but there’s a super tree growth serum as well, and there’s a scene where Curly tussles with a native god who seems to like to slap him around. There are several great moments here – the Stooges showing their skills at tree surgery, their being mistaken for regular surgeons by two women listening outside of a door, Larry picking up Curly’s footsteps, and a tussle with an alligator who has swallowed a tree seedling. Moe and Larry even do an imitation of Amos and Andy at one point. No, the short is not politically correct, but it is one of their funniest outings.


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