A Pee-kool-yar Sit-chee-ay-shun (1944)

Article 5292 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-8-2016
Directed by Sid Marcus
Voice cast unknown
Country: USA
What it is: Li’l Abner Cartoon

Daisy Mae tries to make Li’l Abner jealous by saying she’s going to marry Disgustin’ Jones. The ploy works, but Li’l Abner has a problem; he has to get past Disgustin’ Jones’ bodyguards to win Daisy Mae back.

It looks like the animation department for Columbia took a shot at producing several shorts based on the L’il Abner comic strip during the mid forties. Given the low user rating for this one on IMDB (4.3), I’m guessing that fans of the comic strip were not charmed by these shorts; they certainly seem more slapsticky than satirical. I actually thought the animation was decent, and some of the gags weren’t too bad, but I was very disappointed by the voice acting; for some reason, they lacked the flavor of the voices in my head when I read the strip. Also, there’s the issue of fantastic content again; the lack of anthropomorphic animals means that most of it would come from the exaggeration of the comic gags. Still, I suppose it could be argued that Mammy Yokum has super-powers, given the way she mops up the place when she swings into action. At any rate, the cartoon is probably mostly for those who were curious to see how they came out.


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