A Nymph of the Waves (1900)

Article 5233 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-20-2016
Director unknown
Featuring Catarino Bartho
Country: USA
What it is: Not much

A woman dances while superimposed waves roll by.

Pardon me while I kick myself. This short is listed as a 1903 movie in the Walt Lee guide. When I searched on the title on IMDB, I found a movie from 1900 and one from 1903; naturally, I chose the one with the matching date. Since the 1903 listing has a handful of votes on IMDB, I did several searches for the movie over the years and found myself frustrated because all the hits I found on the movie turned out to be the 1900 movie of the same title; after a while, I got very annoyed with this. Finally, the movie was about to hop into my “ones that got away” list, and while preparing the write-up for it, I went back and double-checked the Walt Lee guide for the nature of its fantastic content. It was only then that I realized something. Though the Walt Lee guide listed the 1903 date, the cast list and company name didn’t match the IMDB movie; instead, they matched that of the title listed for 1900. So, for three years or more, I’ve been hunting for the wrong movie and getting annoyed at the fact that I’ve been only been finding the right movie. And, to top it all off, what does the movie consist of? Nothing but a dancing girl superimposed over rolling waves. That’s it! Okay, maybe she’s supposed to be a nymph, but I can’t think of a bigger cheat in terms of its fantastic content since I covered ELLA LOLA A LA TRILBY.

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