I fantastici 3 $upermen (1967)

aka The Three Fantastic Supermen
Article 5186 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-19-2016
Directed by Gianfranco Parolini
Featuring Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Aldo Canti
Country: Yugoslavia / Italy / West Germany / France
What it is: Superhero shenanigans

An FBI agent teams with two old friends who have become supercrooks to form a crimefighting team known as the Three Fantastic Supermen. They take on counterfeiting plot that is also able to create counterfeit people.

My copy of this movie is in Italian without subtitles… and you know, I didn’t really care. It became obvious to me early on that the appeal of the movie wasn’t going to be the plot subtleties (and the general gist of the plot is pretty easy to follow), but in catching the looney energy of the athletic action sequences. As a whole, it comes across as something of a cross between the “Batman” TV series of the sixties and a James Bond movie with an emphasis on comedy. The stuntwork was actually pretty impressive, and it did keep me grinning throughout. The three supermen are bulletproof in their costumes, and their weapon of choice seems to be a metal ball on a string. I really enjoyed this one, though from some of the reviews on IMDB, I gather there is an English dubbed version out there, and I suspect it detracts from the fun.


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