The other half of the project…

The second half of the project came five months later.

I remained a member of the Sinister Cinema message board during this time, but things had taken a turn for the worse. It had become plagued with infighting, trolls, and hackers. It was rather unpleasant and dispiriting to visit the place.

I was wondering if there was something I might do to make the place a little more inviting, and I began toying with the idea of taking my movie-watching project a public affair rather than a purely private one. I hit upon an idea – what, if after each viewing of a movie, I posted a short review of the film as a starting point for discussion? It sounded like a good idea to me, and thus, the Movie of the Day project was born.

It was rather strange at first. I’d already watched 150 movies, and I wanted the review section to not skip them. I decided I would write two reviews a day; one for the movie I saw that day, and one for a movie earlier in the list; I would store the newer review in the My Movies section of IMDB, and post the older review on the board.

As might be expected, some of the earlier reviews were fairly vague; it’d had been several months since I’d seen them and often had to rely on memory for my review. At least once I had to go back and rewatch one of those movies, as I didn’t remember a thing about them.

Eventually, someone suggested that I hold on to copies of all my reviews, which I also decided was a good idea; up to that time, I didn’t bother. At any rate, that is why this website exists; it holds all of the old reviews for these movies.

There’s more to the story of what happened with this project. For example, the Sinister Cinema message board is long gone and the project appeared at one time or another in various places. Perhaps I’ll discuss that another time. My next post in the series will bring me to the beginning of my discussion of the subject of Genre Overlap, the title of this series.


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