Das Geheimnis der Chinesischen Nelke (1964)

aka Secret of the Chinese Carnation
Article 5162 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-20-2016
Directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber
Featuring Paul Dahlke, Olga Schoberova, Dietmar Schonherr
Country: West Germany / Italy / France
What it is: Alternative krimi

Several parties try to get their hands on a microfilm that contains the secret of a new source of energy.

Though it’s not part of the series of Edgar Wallace movies that make up most of krimis of the time, this is part of that basic genre. Krimis are a bit hard to follow in the first place, and knowing that I was going into this one without the help of English dubbing or subtitles, I didn’t exactly anticipate having much luck following the story as is. Therefore, I just tried to enjoy what I could. This one is a bit on the talky side, but there is an amusing fight in a Chinese bar, a novel way to stop a ticking bomb, and a truly interesting place to hide a piece of microfilm. The fantastic content is the formula on the microfilm (a Gizmo Maguffin if ever there was one) and a bit of spy-oriented gadgetry. The cast also includes Brad Harris and Klaus Kinski to add to the star power. All in all, this one looks pretty ordinary. The director would go on to the Superbug movies.


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