El secreto de la momia Egipcia (1973)

aka Lips of Blood, Love Brides of the Blood Mummy
Article 5057 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-22-2016
Directed by Alejandro Marti
Featuring George Rigaud, Michael Flynn, Catherine Franck
Country: Spain / France
What it is: Not the best eighty minutes I’ve spent

A revived mummy needs blood to live. Women are kidnapped for their blood. Movie goes around in circles and then gets weird.

I’ve only been able to find this one in Spanish without English subtitles. Still, this one isn’t really all that difficult to figure out. Most of it is told in flashback with snatches of narration and very little dialogue, so it relies on visuals a lot. Unfortunately, one of the problems is that there isn’t a whole lot of story here; once it’s established that the mummy has been revived and needs blood to live, it’s just a series of kidnappings, mummy attacks and blood-drinking until someone decides that they’d better get rid of the mummy. The most interesting element in the story is a sequence involving a crawling hand that features a bit of stop-motion animation, but you should be able to figure out what’s going on there as well. I get the feeling that those drawn to the movie for its campy alternate English title will emerge a little disappointed. Ultimately, I found the movie to be tiresome and lacking in suspense; unless there’s something really interesting buried in the Spanish dialogue, there’s not much here.


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