Queen Kong (1976)

Article 5040 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-5-2016
Directed by Frank Agrama
Featuring Robin Askwith, Rula Lenska, Valerie Leon
Country: UK / France / West Germany / Italy
What it is: Parody

A female movie crew brings a male actor into a dangerous situation when he is kidnapped and offered to a giant female ape, Queen Kong.

It took four countries to make this one? I wonder which one supplied the back yard. Yes, I get it – The main joke is that it’s a reverse-gender KING KONG. That doesn’t mean the joke is automatically funny; it’s what you do with it. This movie tries to do a lot with it, but none of it’s good and none of it’s funny. The special effects are on the level of THE MIGHTY GORGA, but I’m not going to knock it for that; as a parody, the bad special effects are probably intentional. I will knock it for it’s incredible witlessness; despite the fact that the movie gives ample opportunities for laughs, it manages to miss every one. About the only thing this movie is good for is a drinking game; take a drink every time the movie tries to make you laugh at the phrase “Lizanga-where-they-do-the-Konga” and you’ll probably be mercifully out like a light before the movie is half over.

All of the sudden, APE is starting to look good. I never thought I’d say that.


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