Lulu (1962)

LULU (1962)
Article 5034 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-30-2015
Directed by Rolf Thiele
Featuring Nadja Tiller, O.E. Hasse, Hildegard Knef
Country: Austria
What it is: Drama

A sexy but irresponsible woman uses her allure on a number of lovers who are destroyed by her attentions.

For those who haven’t figured it out from the title and the plot description, this is a remake of G.W. Pabst’s silent classic, PANDORA’S BOX. It’s a fairly good movie; there’s some creative cinematography, especially in the early scenes of the movie, and Nadja Tiller gives a good performance as the femme fatale of the title. However, it does pale in comparison to the original film, at least partially because it doesn’t achieve the brilliant heights of both Pabst’s direction and Louise Brooks’ performance from the earlier film. Still, there are some striking scenes of decadence at work here, and Hildegard Knef is memorable as a countess who is herself in love with Lulu, but whose attentions are not returned. Again, the fantastic content is rather minimal; like the original movie, this one only gets through the genre door via the fact that the plot involves Jack the Ripper in the final moments, adding a touch of horror to the proceedings.

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