Land of Doom (1986)

Article 5010 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-6-2015
Directed by Peter Maris
Featuring Deborah Rennard, Garrick Dowhen, Daniel Radell
Country: USA
What it is: Recycled ROAD WARRIOR ideas

It’s after the apocalypse. A cynical young woman teams up with a man who still believes in the old values to find a save haven from a roving band of sadistic raiders. They encounter eccentrics, plague victims, and many people wearing studded leather.

This movie borrows as much as it can from THE ROAD WARRIOR, runs over to STAR WARS and borrows the Jawas, and surrounds it with a rather loose plotline about the cynical woman learning to love again no matter how many scuzballs she encounters. The plot is non-stop mixture of captures, escapes, fights, and cliche-ridden conversations on such topics as when it’s okay to kill someone. It’s one of those movies that you end up only half-watching because you don’t expect anything really new to happen, and sure enough, your expectations are met. The best thing about it is the stunning Turkish locations. The worst thing about is that sets itself up for a sequel, an act of either utter cynicism or supreme optimism, depending on how you view it. And though I suppose it is possible that someday a sequel could be made, I don’t think anyone is holding their breath for it.

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