Feet Foremost (1983)

Article 5006 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-1-2015
Directed by Gordon Flemyng
Featuring Joanna Van Gyseghem, Lesley Bennett, Heather Chasen
Country: UK
What it is: Episode of British horror series “Shades of Darkness”

An industrialist buys a mansion which is haunted by a ghost who enters the site by asking to be carried over the threshold, and then only leaves after taking possession of someone and destroying them from the inside out.

This one is listed in the John Stanley guide. It isn’t quite the length of a movie; the print I saw ran just over fifty minutes. It’s a ghost story that works mostly through suggestion rather than shock; in fact, there’s only one scene of outright horror in the film. It’s well acted, and the script is quite literate; in fact, it gets a little dull on occasion, especially if you’re not into British drama. Still, the story ends up hinging on an interesting dilemma, and it has a satisfying ending.


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