Deadly Intruder (1988)

Article 4981 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-7-2015
Directed by John McCauley
Featuring Chris Holder, Molly Cheek, Tony Crupi
Country: USA
What it is: Psycho killer on the loose

A serial killer is on the loose. Will a woman living alone in a country house be safe?

To its credit, this movie has one real surprise up its sleeve, and it plays it well; though I was able to guess half of it, the other half caught me off guard. The question is: how many people are going to make it far enough into the movie to reach the surprise? Up to that point, the movie had done such a good job of convincing me that nothing new or interesting was going to happen that if I weren’t dedicated to sitting through all of these movies, I might well have given up on this one after the first thirty minutes or so. For that matter, the movie doesn’t do much else that is interesting after the surprise, either. Other than that, the only other interesting thing about the movie is that it features one-time child star Danny Bonaduce in the cast. It’s mostly just a tired serial-killer movie of which there are better examples out there.

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