Dreams Come True (1984)

Article 4974 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-31-2015
Directed by Max Kalmanowicz
Featuring Michael Sanville, Stephanie Shuford, Ken Charlton
Country: USA
What it is: Independent fantasy drama

A young man discovers that he can undergo astral projection. He meets a woman who can share his talent, and they embark together on a series of adventures. However, there is a risk, and there may be a price to pay…

I’ve encountered this director once before; the only other movie he directed was THE CHILDREN, which I felt was pretty silly but did have some good points to it. That movie is referenced here when the two main characters go and see that movie at their local theater, and then they undergo an astral projection where they find themselves attacked by the children in a cave. What makes this sequence interesting is that they also encounter the girl’s abusive uncle in the same cave, juxtaposing the make-believe horrors with a real life horror. It’s touches like this which ultimately made me like this movie overall. It would be very easy to savage this movie; it’s littered with dramatic and romantic cliches, the acting isn’t particularly impressive, the music is weak, the shifts of mood (especially into comedy) are clumsy, and the general air of cheapness drags it down a bit. What redeems it is that there are enough real-life touches to the story that it achieves a certain amount of resonance despite its other problems. And when your two main characters can undergo experiences through astral projection, at least the romantic cliches have an understandable context to them.

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