Dawn of the Mummy (1981)

Article 4966 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-23-2015
Directed by Frank Agrama
Featuring Brenda Siemer Scheider, Barry Sattels, George Peck
Country: USA / Egypt / Italy
What it is: Mummy / zombie movie

A group of gold-seekers desecrate a mummy’s tomb. A mummy appears to fulfill the curse, and he brings with him a gaggle of flesh-eating zombies.

If the plot description of the horror movie you’re watching includes the following development – “Then a gang of models and photographers show up and decide this is a great place for an exotic photo shoot” -, then you most likely have a stinker on your hands. But then, what do you really expect of a “curse of the mummy” movie that thinks it’s being clever by throwing in a bunch of fashionable flesh-eating zombies into the mix? Unlike yesterday’s movie, this one looks like it at least had the help of professionals in the making of the movie. But that doesn’t change the fact the script is a confused mess, and that it tries to get most of its scares out of having half the dialogue being shrieked. There’s plenty of gore in the final reel, but there’s little in the way of real tension and it’s too shrill to be much fun. The best thing about this one is the Egyptian locations; beyond that, it’s just tiresome.

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